About the Corktown Residents and Business Association

About the CRBA

We’re a team of passionate volunteers from the local Business and Residential community working to make the community a great place to do business and live.

Our core projects include:

  • Promoting local businesses
  • Advocating for smart development
  • Throwing community events

We’re a not-for-profit, volunteer led organization building a better Corktown Toronto.

Corktown Volunteers and Board Members

For years, Corktown has been working with our local businesses and residents to build a sustainable, people-oriented neighbourhood.  Find out about our current work below and how you can volunteer in our quickly changing area.

We currently have a need for volunteers in the following areas:

  1. Social Media and Digital Communications
  2. Web Development
  3. Community Engagement

If you’d like to explore volunteering with Corktown, please fill out our Expression of Interest form and email it to info@corktown.ca We do our best to respond within 48 hours.  Volunteer and Board Member positions are usually filled at our Annual General Meeting in February but can be filled on an ongoing basis as necessary.

CRBA Mandate

  • Keep the local residents and businesses informed through monthly public meetings, a recurring newsletter and an up-to-date website.
  • Convey community concerns and issue priorities to all relevant public and private institutions.
  • Help realize neighbourhood improvements, using a constructive and collaborative approach.
  • Read our bylaws here.

The Board of Directors

The Corktown Board of Directors is comprised of residents  that live within the neighbourhood. Board members are elected annually for a two-year term. All members of the CRBA in good standing are eligible to cast a vote and run for a position on the Board.

2023/24 Corktown Volunteer Board of Directors

Coralina Lemos – President & Heritage Lead
Kristin Halliwell – Secretary & Dogs of Corktown Lead
Ron Levy – Treasurer & Volunteer Coordinator
Veronica Lasanowski – Resource Development Specialist & Events Lead
Julianne Chester – Social Media
Selmin Kara – Pollinator Project
Alessandra Possamai
Danielle Reygel
Corinne Schmid


Corktown Newspaper: Louis Selmeci and Elspeth Chalmers

Current Projects

Events and Outreach
Our Events and Outreach Group is finding new ways to drive Tourism, support our businesses, and maintain communications about our community oriented projects.  We produce multiple events throughout the year of various sizes.

Local Development and Construction
Corktown continues to grow and we want to make sure that how it grows makes sense for everyone.  Our Development Group works closely with surrounding neighbourhoods and the Toronto Centre Councillors Office to make sure any new building projects fit our area.

Heritage Group
Team Lead: Cory Lemos

Our Heritage Working Group is dedicated to keeping the neighbourhood beautiful and memorable.  There’s a lot of history here that residents and visitors love – let’s keep it intact.  We understand that developments need to happen and that they can co-exist when done properly.

Dormant Working Groups

These are groups formed by prior boards for specific reasons but can be re-started if the need and community leadership arises to work with us. If you’d like to re-activate a dormant group, email info@corktown.ca.

Arts and Culture
Membership Committee
Queen East Revitalization