Corktown March 2020 Newsletter

Connecting You to Open Businesses and How to Help Your Neighbours

It’s easy to feel helpless during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We’re right there with you in isolation, shutting down our businesses and hoping that on the other side we’re able to re-open and bring back all of our employees.

In the meantime, we’ve created a couple posts on our Facebook page that are constantly being updated:

1) Open Businesses Listing – Find out who remains open for coffee, food, flowers and more
2) Corktown Sharing – Need something?  Have something to offer?  Post here!

During this period where we’ve seen many businesses close, we’re also trying to find ways to support our friends that are unable to open.  If you have any ideas how we can all continue to support these businesses, please let us know.

Coronavirus Updates from TPH & Workplace Info

Toronto Public Health has ongoing and regular updates.  Visit their site to get the latest information:
Corktown Events

Like every other organization, all Corktown events are on hold for now.  Our next scheduled Public Meeting is May 5th at the Cooper Koo YMCA.  We will keep you updated closer to that date as to whether or not it will continue as scheduled.

Toronto Bike Brigade

Toronto cyclists are mobilizing as part of the Toronto Bike Brigade to help community organizations and isolated vulnerable people in need, particularly seniors with bike delivery of food, supplies and friendship.

If your organization needs the Toronto Bike Brigade Support email: If you are COVID-19 symptom free, have two good wheels and a commitment to helping your neighbours join them:

Message From Corktown’s President

Since the first week of March, our small volunteer team at Corktown has redirected our energy towards responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic that has left so many of us feeling helpless and out of control.  We’ve been mobilizing and connecting hundreds of people to information, organizations and each other.  There is no normal right now and I hope together we can be brave and find many new versions of normal.

We’ve already seen many members from Corktown’s robust Business and Residential communities step forward to help their neighbours – even as the uncertainty of when and if they’ll be able to return to work or re-open their companies lingers above their heads.  I know this well because my 15-year-old business has closed its doors for the first time since opening.  During this period, I’m spending more time on Corktown to ensure our community is able to communicate and stay up to date with accurate information on our social media platforms.

Myself and other team members have been in constant contact with Politicians and Bureaucrats from all 3 levels of government and will continue to advocate for solutions like Temporary Basic Income, Rent Freezes and Emergency Business Grants – not Loans, Grants.  Whether you’re one of our businesses or residents, nobody should have to go into debt to pay the rent under these extraordinary circumstances.

I continue to believe that the people of our small and passionate neighbourhood will navigate this tectonic cultural and economic shift with assistance from all 3 levels of government.  If you have a particular concern or idea, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – or the offices of Kristyn Wong-Tam, Suze Morrison and Bill Morneau, who have all been working overtime to respond to this unbelievable disruption in everyone’s lives.

We will continue to update you as often as necessary.  I want to personally thank everyone that has been in contact with their neighbours and creating solutions.  We must work together to avoid isolation and despair.  If you need food or other necessities, please connect with your neighbours on our Facebook post here.  If you can afford to, please purchase a gift certificate from a local business.

Thank you all for supporting your neighbours and local businesses during this time, together we will find a way forward.

Be Well,
Aaron Binder

Corktown Toronto
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