2020 CRBA Bylaw Updates

In the Summer of 2019, the Corktown Board of Directors started the process to update and modernize our Bylaws. Presented below are the Bylaws we started with and our updated version.

In rewriting this document, we focused on 3 areas:
1) The CRBA’s relationship with Businesses
2) Clearly defining responsibilities for Board Members along with Committees
3) Creating better succession planning for subsequent boards

Some structural changes include:
1) Going from monthly to quarterly public meetings
2) Closer working relationships with similar organizations
3) Changing Committees to Working Groups

The current team is considering this document V 1.0 and plan to develop another, more comprehensive update during Summer 2020. Any comments can be emailed to info@corktown.ca. These bylaws must be passed by a public vote at the February 4th, 2020 AGM.

Original Document – Feb 2017

Updated Document – Jan 9, 2020

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