Metrolinx Notice – Cherry St and Gooderham & Worts Neighbourhood

Progress Update of the conduit installation for signal upgrades in the portion of the Union Station Rail Corridor from Queen Street East to Union Station.

This work is moving south and west through the rail corridor from Queen Street at the Don River and is now approaching Cherry Street and the Gooderham & Worts neighbourhood. The work is located on the north end of the corridor and will continue moving west over the coming weeks. While work is scheduled to take place overnight between the hours of 8 p.m. and 5 a.m., safe access to the rail corridor is dependent on train activity, both GO Transit and VIA service. We are doing our best to have the work begin as early in the evening as possible. Updates will be provided as work progresses.

Tracks must be taken out of service to complete this work and as a result this work can only be carried out during off-peak times, when there is less train traffic. Nearby residents may notice some activity from construction equipment and lights in the rail corridor during this time. Due to the nature of this work, vacuum trucks will be used, as this is the only method of excavating that can be used without damaging underground services. We will ensure any lights are directed away from homes when possible.

We recognize that this work can be disruptive to our neighbours and are doing our best to carry out this essential construction with the least disruption possible. The contractor is exploring options for noise abatement and has already taken steps by retrofitting the internal components of the vacuum trucks with plastic tubing, instead of metal.

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