On the agenda: Proposed CRBA by-law amendments

At our upcoming Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, February 2, members of the CRBA will be asked to consider amendments to the organizational bylaws that will change the maximum consecutive term length of an elected board member.

Currently, board members can stand for election a maximum of three consecutive years. After three years, they cannot be re-elected to the board for a one year period.

The amendments propose allowing board members to stand for election for a maximum of five consecutive years.

Executive positions would still face a three year term limit, so no board member could serve as president, vice president, secretary or treasurer for longer than three consecutive years.

In addition, the amendments propose that each committee of the board must contain at least one board member.

You can view the CRBA bylaws with the proposed amendments here.

Members will be asked to vote on these changes at the meeting on February 2. It will run from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Little Trinity Church Annex. If you have any comments or questions in advance of the meeting, email info@corktown.ca.

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