Corktown Cool: Tuck Shop Trading Co. offers classy Corktown toque

corktown-toqueBy Dennis Kucherawy

Sean of Toronto’s Tuck Shop Trading Co. gives us his best “you better watch out” glare as he rocks a Corktown toque at Union Station’s Christmas market.  It sells for $38.

It’s part of the company’s “City of Neighborhoods” line, says owner Lyndsay Borschke.  With 120 plus neighborhoods here, Tuck Shop offers more than 40 of them including the most popular:  Cabbagetown, Parkdale and Scarborough.

In response to demand, Tuck Shop added Corktown to the line in Nov. 2014 at an event celebrating the opening of River City condos.

Tuck Shop Trading Co. opened two years ago at 1226 Yonge St. near the Summerhill subway station.  Its toques also are sold at various locations across Toronto, including Odin Cafe + Bar, Spruce on Parliament at No. 455.  The Union Station Christmas market location closes Dec. 20th.

The company also sells a “Tuck Shop” line of heritage inspired luxury outer wear and accessories.

For more information, call 416-529-8187 or visit

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