Former Governor General of Canada Walks with “The Postman”


POSTMAN DELIVERS: Adrienne Clarkson, Canada’s former Governor General, along for the walk, with partner, noted author John RALSTON SAUL. Photo by Dennis Kucherawy.

By Dennis Kucherawy

Last Sunday was an extraordinary final day for the cast and crew of The Postman, the “promenade” play that has emerged as a popular hit of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games’ Panamania arts and cultural festival.

The show closed Sunday with an audience of more than 250 people. They gave the players such a roaring ovation that its stage manager ran on and asked them to sing the finale again.

“The audience cheered and danced,” said Corktown actor/writer Sugith Varughese. A veteran performer who has acted and written for CBC Television, he said “I’ve never been in a show that had such an encore!”

Adrienne Clarkson, Canada’s former Governor General, attended the matinee with her partner, noted author John Ralston Saul.

“She told me it was a marvellous experience and so beautifully executed, “ said co-conceiver, director and writer David Ferry, quoting her. “The fact we were on (the real) Albert Jackson’s porch was wonderful. “Thank you so much for this great piece of theatre.”

David said there are lots of plans for the future of The Postman, including a full-length, proscenium production. But he admitted he was exhausted from the stress, strain and activity — including fundraising that got the production this far. “I cannot do the fundraising alone.”

Meanwhile, David is spear-heading an application being made to Toronto Heritage to approve a plaque honoring Albert Jackson to be unveiled in Union Station in Sir John A. Macdonald Hall. (Our first prime minister intervened to stop the racism preventing Jackson from pursuing his job as a mail deliverer.)

“I have the support of Councilor Michael Thompson,” said Ferry.

“The sum of $6,500 is needed to pay for it.”

For more information on The Postman check out Dennis Kucherawy’s earlier story on You can also visit for details about the show and its future.

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