Artists selected for new Underpass Park mural


The Corktown Residents & Business Association is happy to announce that a design has been selected for the planned public art mural in Underpass Park. The mural has been planned and commissioned by Street Art Toronto.

Based on resident feedback and their own evaluation of the concepts submitted, the jury — which included CRBA President Sandra Iskandar — selected the design by artists Labrona + Lovegates.  You can see their concept design in the image above.

The jury’s statement:

Labrona Lovegates playful design provides a visually engaging and thought-provoking mural that will serve the unique landscape of Underpass Park. The human elements re-frame the pillars and cleverly invite both park-users and art lovers to explore the work at length. By providing a detailed canvas of characters, the piece helps emphasize and reflect the importance of community in building the city. The artists have embraced Corktown’s cutting edge architectural and design cache as well as taking into account various diverse communities that actively use the park space.


About the artists:


For the last 20 years, there’s been a man up in Canada painting under the nonsensical name “Labrona.” He is a skateboarder, a record collector, sometimes a house builder and, most importantly, an artist in the purest sense. When you look at the projects that Labrona gets himself involved with, it quickly becomes evident that he is a man who wants to capture life in his art and share his creations with the world in any way possible. Whether he’s painting on skate decks, canvases, freight trains or the sides of buildings, Labrona’s work has an energy and a beauty that comes from a rare combination of drive and talent.

Only the best street artists can successfully draw inspiration from themes as seemingly divergent as skateboard culture and the old masters, and that’s exactly what Labrona does. Labrona inserts beauty into everyday life with his artwork, but without ignoring the grittiness of the places where he finds himself painting, resulting in a synergy between traditional beauty and worn-down
everyday realities that brings new life to wherever he paints.

-rj rushmore


OTHER (aka Troy Lovegates)

OTHER (aka Troy Lovegates) is a nomadic folk artist whose bright paintings crisscross the globe on the sides of rail cars and appear both large and small on walls around the world. He has called too many places to count home, including Montreal, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Toronto, San Francisco, and Ottawa. When not painting on walls he turns his brush and pen to discarded books, aged paper, and scavenged wooden objects, rendering patterned portraits of wizened faces as rough and aged as the surfaces they appear on.

(written by JP king and Kirsten McCrea)

Work on the mural will begin soon, with the painting scheduled to coincide with our Corktown Day Party / Live Art Festival in Underpass Park on Saturday, June 20.

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