Construction NOTICE: King-Sumach intersection reconstruction, March 24 – May 15

UPDATE: Dundee-Kilmer has passed along this final PDF version of the construction notice, suitable for printing and distribution.

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Diagram of planned construction at King Street East & Sumach Street. Click for bigger, or Download as PDF.

Waterfront Toronto, Dundee-Kilmer and the TTC have informed the CRBA of their plan for reconstructing the King-Sumach intersection to accommodate the connection to the new streetcar tracks on Sumach and Cherry Street.

The plan:

Phase 1: Phase 1 work includes the installation of manholes, catchbasins and below-grade pipes required to upgrade the underground stormwater infrastructure. Work has begun and will be ongoing throughout the month of March.
Traffic impact: The intersection will remain open during this work. Traffic control measures will be implemented to manage the work zones. East and west traffic will be maintained on King Street, as well as north and south traffic on Sumach Street.

Phase 2: The reconstruction of the intersection will take place in phase 2. Phase 2 work includes all removal work required for the reconstruction of the intersection, including the removal of the existing concrete sidewalk, asphalt pavement, and the existing TTC tracks and concrete bases. This work is to prepare for the installation of a new concrete road base, new TTC/street lighting poles and bases, new TTC drain system, new TTC track system and new traffic lights at the intersection. Sidewalk repairs, asphalt paving, the installation of new crosswalks and line painting will also be completed in this phase. This phase will begin in the late March and take approximately six to eight weeks to complete.

Traffic impact: A partial closure of the intersection is required to complete this phase of work. Westbound traffic will be maintained on the north side of King Street throughout the duration of construction. Access to all businesses adjacent to the intersection will be maintained. Eastbound traffic on King Street will be rerouted during this phase of construction. Access to Sumach Street will also be impacted during this phase. Sumach Street northbound from Eastern Avenue will be open to local traffic only and Sumach Street South of King Street will be closed to all traffic during this phase.

Major construction is currently scheduled to take place from March 24, 2014 through to May 15, 2014. 

The CRBA continues to provide input on this plan. We’ve made several requests for signage and other accommodations to ensure affected businesses are still able to operate and to minimize impacts to all kinds of traffic — pedestrians, cyclists and cars — as much as possible.

If you have any feedback on this plan you’d like us to pass on, please email

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