Regent Park Farmers’ Market debuts on June 5

In addition to all the other great stuff going on in Corktown this week, we’d be incredibly remiss if we didn’t mention that our neighbours in Regent Park will launching a Farmers’ Market on Wednesday, June 5. The market, which will run every Wednesday through the summer, will set up on Regent Park Boulevard near the Daniels Spectrum and the Aquatics Centre from 3 to 7 p.m.

A description from the organizers:

In addition to offering fresh produce and products from Ontario farmers, this weekly neighbourhood venue will also offer these items from small plot growers and rooftop gardeners from around the City who typically have not been able to gain a spot at other markets.  The defining feature of the Regent Park Farmers’ Market will be the inclusion of resident gardeners, growers and chefs from the Regent Park community as vendors at the Market.   Musical performances and artistic activities by local talent will have a place at the Regent Park Farmers’ Market as well.

With an accent on quality and affordability, the Market will boast everything from a wide array of fresh vegetables; to halal meats including beef, goat and sheep; to small artisanal breads and pastries; to an assortment of cheeses and spices.  Curries, samosas and pies are among the fresh foods that will be prepared by residents, and lend a local flavour to the Market. As an added feature, Paintbox Bistro’s Boxie will be serving up tasty treats as well!

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The first market date is this week on Wednesday, June 5. We hope to see Corktowners there!



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