The Good, and the Bad of Corktown this month.

Power Street 1936

The Good, and the Bad, of Corktown this month.

GOOD! Restaurants pop up all over the place, but supper clubs for meat-lovers? Yes, Corktown! The rumors are true! Toronto’s first-ever barbecue-centric supper club, Que Supper Club, will be opening soon in our hood! Portuguese-style barbecued chicken, tacos, kebabs and their signature dish, “redneck sushi”, which consists of jambalaya-style rice wrapped around a piece of barbecue, all enclosed by a strip of bacon. Are you drooling yet?

BAD! Gotta dog? If so then you’re probably asking the same question we are! Why on earth isn’t there a crosswalk and light at the corner of Power and Richmond (Power Street in 1936 is pictured above)? It takes a sprint at marathon speed to get across to the dog park on Richmond, without getting hit by the cars that fly down the ramp onto Richmond St, way over the speed limit! It’s ridiculous! We need a crosswalk there!

GOOD! Not only do we have the only pool in Toronto with a waterslide AND Tarzan rope, but now entry to it is free. Earlier this spring, staffers at the Regent Park Aquatic Centre made the pool a “priority” facility, meaning drop-in swims are totally free for everyone.

BAD! Have you driven on Lower River Street recently? During rush hour? Then you’ll agree it’s a total disaster with construction crew’s vehicles parked on both sides of the road and a steady stream of Bayview Extension traffic squeezing through two tight lanes in between. The city better have a plan for managing this road, otherwise we are in real trouble when the residents of River City move in!

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