Name that park! Submit your entries in the Don River Park naming competition



This summer, Corktown will be getting a new local park. It’s going to be great. But it needs a name.

The park, per The Grid, will include “18 acres of green space, with year-round amenities including a community kitchen, barbecue, outdoor fireplace, slides, swings, splash pad, soccer pitch, off-leash dog park, and lots of places to relax.” Awesome, right?

So what should we call it? Up until now, it’s been referred to as Don River Park, but Waterfront Toronto and The Grid have teamed up to see if Torontonians can come up with anything better. Residents have until April 25, 2013 to submit their entries.

Visit this link to submit your ideas. After April 25, a short-list will be released for another round of voting before a winner is chosen.

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