Ryerson students to conduct Corktown Heritage Study

For 2013, Corktown is once again lucky enough to have a group of students for Ryerson’s School of Urban & Regional Planning working in the community to conduct a heritage study. See below for the group’s introductory message to the neighbourhood.

Greetings!  We are the Corktown Heritage Study Staff Team, and we’ve been asked by the Corktown Residents & Business Association to undertake research regarding the heritage value of the Corktown area.  Our group is comprised of ten third-year students in the School of Urban & Regional Planning at Ryerson University.  In the interest of cataloguing Corktown’s built and cultural heritage, we’re investigating existing heritage properties, the historical street pattern, traditional places and modes of employment, ‘hidden’ heritage’, recent heritage elements, and anything else that may contribute to the area’s sense of place and community.  We welcome any input the community may have in terms of knowledge of the area or the historical relevance of a certain building/element.  Ideally, we’ll be able to comprehensively assess the value of the heritage elements in Corktown and contribute to the story of Corktown’s past, present, and future.  We can be reached at corktownheritagestudy@gmail.com with any questions or comments.


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