Corktown Mural 2012 – Call For Artists!

Call of Interest to Mural Artists

Deadline for submissions: June 15, 2012
Please send all materials electronically to:
Attn: Corktown Residents and Business Association

The CRBA has permission from two (2) different sites -the east facing wall at 406 King Street East as well as 463 King Street East (east facing wall). Other locations can be considered provided they are better aligned with the artist’s vision, if there is suitable visibility and if owner consent can be obtained.  Any location other than 406 King St E will require formal approval by the City of Toronto.
(In 2011, the community mural’s theme was “Corktown: The oldest and the newest”.  The Mural can be viewed on the South Wall of the Toronto Humane Society at River and Queen.  This theme recognizes that the neighbourhood is one of the oldest historic places in Toronto, while going through major transformation, making it the newest as well.)


  • Professional working artist with experience planning and executing a large scale mural
  • Images of prior completed mural works, along with two references
  • Ability to work collaboratively with the Corktown Board, members and residents as required
  • High level of professionalism
  • The artist must have personal accident insurance as neither the CRBA nor property owner will be liable in the case of injury

The successful candidate will:

  • Focus on the uniqueness of Corktown
  • Present the CRBA mural committee with a detailed drawing of the proposed mural for approval and review by committee and by representatives from the City of Toronto and the selected site
  • Be able to execute their drawing on a large scale mural within their proposed budget and time frame agreed upon with the CRBA
  • Be responsible for the purchase of materials (to be reimbursed by the CRBA).
  • Be able to express Corktown’s rich and diverse history and culture

City of Toronto requirements

  • The mural will not feature any nudity, political themes or religious imagery.
  • The mural will also not promote violence, hatred or contempt against any group on the basis of color, race, ancestry, religion, ethnic origin or disability.


  • Core budget: $3,000 honorarium offered for the artists and $2,000 budget to cover materials and any equipment rentals.  In addition, corporate sponsorship and funding partners are anticipated to raise additional funds for the Mural project budget to be decided based on the proposed mural project.  The successful artists will be expected to lead and participate in securing these additional funds.
  • In case a larger budget will be required for the proposed project, artists are encouraged to advise and work with the CRBA on further funding initiatives, leveraging previous artist experience.
  • All additional fundraising and sponsorship secured by either the artist or the CRBA specifically for this 2012 Mural will be shared 50% between the CRBA and the artist.  The CRBA will hold all such funds which are not required to cover its costs for this project and will apply them to the 2013 Mural project.  This is the same approach as taken in 2011 which resulted in a small contribution towards the 2012 project.

Wall dimensions

  • Photos of Mural space will be provided upon request.
  • There is no requirement to fill the entire wall area but scale is important and attention must be paid to the intent of creating a mural rather than a picture on a wall.
  • Other locations can be considered provided they are better aligned with the artist’s vision, if there is suitable visibility and if owner consent can be obtained.


  • Deadline for submissions:  June 15, 2012
  • Deadline for mural completion: October 1, 2012

Submissions to include:

  1. Digital images or photographs of recently completed work – CD or DVD of 6-10 digital images of the artist’s work
  2. Resume
  3. Two references
  4. Detailed concept sketch plus a CD or DVD of 6-10 digital images of the artists’ work (N.B. Images are to be in .jpg format, resolution of at least 600dpi at a size of six inches for viewing on a computer screen and for printing to 8” x10” if desired
  5. Itemized budget for time and materials
  6. Timeline

About the Corktown Residents and Business Association (CRBA)

The CRBA is a not-for-profit, volunteer run and managed neighbourhood organization which follows the latest developments in Corktown on a wide range of topics, and serves as a liaison between Corktown and its residents, business, and the City.  The geographic boundaries of Corktown are Shuter Street to the North; Don River to the East; Lakeshore Boulevard to the South and Berkeley Street to the West. The West Don Lands slated to be redeveloped over the next few years, will encompass the south-east corner of this area.
The neighbourhood’s name derives from its origins in the early 19th century as an Irish people ethnic enclave, particularly for Irish emigrants from the County Cork, though some say the presence of a distilleries, breweries and cork-stopper manufacturers in the vicinity may have secured the nickname. In the early 19th century, most Corktown residents found employment at one of the local breweries or brickyards. The first Catholic parish in Toronto, St. Paul’s Basilica is found in Corktown. Protestants could not afford the lofty pew rents at nearby St. James Cathedral (Anglican) and this led to the building of their own “Little Trinity Church” in 1843.
Corktown in 2012 is becoming a focus for new development and a significant increase in population and prominence, with new business moving into the area after decades of stagnation.  It is also keen to display its arts and culture communities and the mural will play a big part in that goal.

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