Regent Park Construction Update: March 2012

Construction in Regent Park (credit: Sean Marshall)

After several months of lobbying by the CRBA for TCHC to form a Construction Liaison Committee similar in purpose to the one we are members of for the West Don Lands, we finally received an invitation to attend the first such meeting last Wednesday, February 29 along with residents and representatives from Regent Park, Trefann Court Residents Association, Dixon Hall, Artscape, and of course TCHC and City representatives. The full presentation of the meeting can be downloaded by clicking here (PDF, 5.1mb).

Construction on Phase 2 of the Regent Park redevelopment project will be ramping up significantly in 2012 on all planned development blocks and will include the construction of new streets through the site, including the extension of Sumach and Sackville Streets from Shuter Street to Dundas Street. We invite you to visit the website of our neighbours at the Trefann Court Residents Association for a summary of the meeting.

Additional to that summary, Glenn Gustafson of Pam McConnell’s office was asked to have the Councillor intervene with the TDSB to make sure they attend the next meeting and participate properly in the committee.  Since the meeting, the CRBA has received communication from the Councillor’s office regarding a response from City Street Management on the changing of parking restrictions on Shuter Street to allow proper cleaning of the streets.  That response showed they did not fully understand the issue and the proposed solution – hopefully that has now been remedied.  Beth Baskin, a Shuter Street resident, is the CRBA’s representative for things Regent Park and will continue to attend these construction liaison meetings and monitor the activities as they affect the community.

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