Article Submission Guidelines

Article Submission Guidelines

Send all articles to

Every submission should include:

  • title for the article
  • author’s name and title, as you’d like it to appear
  • accompanying images / graphics

Rough guide for length:

  • short articles anywhere from 250 to 450 words
  • about 800-900 words for a one-page article
  • up to 1500 words for a major feature article
  • images take away from this so if you have pictures, factor them into the overall room needed

Text formatting:

  • very basic formatting, please – it makes the process easier
  • ONE space between sentences / after a period. NOT. Two. As. You. Were. Taught. In. School.
  • no paragraph indents
  • no ALL CAPS
  • single spaced lines

Images and pictures:

  • high resolution – for print not web
  • unedited / unformatted – we will crop, colour correct and do whatever else is needed to make it look fabulous
  • please name the file something that helps explain it and also give it a title / caption
  • attribution – who took the photo / made the drawing… ?
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